Nov 19, 2008

Another Crappy Anniversary

On this not particularly fun day, I'm sticking with the theory that any anniversary, good or bad, is just another day.  Thank you all for your emails and comments.

We're keeping plenty busy with our frantic "pack, move, unpack" cycle repeating itself each day after work.  There are still boxes all over the place, but it's starting to look like a nice home.  I'll post pictures when we're done.

Nov 15, 2008

Crazy Busy

Hola!  Apologies for the three-week blog hiatus just as things were getting interesting with the house.  The transaction is complete, we picked up the keys on Wednesday, and we're moving the furniture over on Sunday.  In our spare time, we're packing, moving small stuff, working long hours at our day jobs, finalizing my book for production, updating our utilities, and generally trying to spend any money we have left on various things that will make our lives easier in the new house (big new bed, sheets, towels, etc).  D's been absolutely wonderful and has taken the lead on the packing.  I'm slacking, but trying to tear myself away from the book long enough to help a bit.

It's going to continue to be busy until after Turkey Day, as we have to finish the move, host 11 people for Thanksgiving, prep our condo for tenants, etc.  I don't know when I'll get new pictures probably won't be until after everything is moved in, so don't hold your breath.  When we're all settled, I'll make the big announcement and we'll start planning a housewarming party so that everyone can see the new digs.  Hope everyone out there is doing well; sorry if I've neglected your calls/emails/blogs lately.  I also hope that the fire department is making headway on the fire near my parents' house.

More when I have more time....I promise!