Dec 7, 2009

Picture Time

Okay, it's time for a major picture update. First, though, let's see what's happened in the last couple of weeks:
  • Kate hits sixteen weeks old today. We haven't been counting by weeks, but it's fun to do the calculations every now and then, so I don't have to say she'll be four months old in ten days.
  • Kate rolled over for the first time on Saturday. She was in the middle of tummy time and decided she had enough....and over she went. Unfortunately I was in the shower at the time, and she wouldn't repeat the feat for Danielle to get a video. She remembers that she did it once and wants to do it again, but can't seem to get her limbs working together again in the right way.
  • Kate's been sleeping really well, which we are very happy about. She usually goes to bed around 8pm....sometimes sooner, depending on how tired she is. And for the last couple of weeks, she's slept straight through until 6 or 7am, without getting up even once to eat. Being a night person makes the 6am a little difficult, but we're excited she's sleeping at all.
  • Kate is addicted to television. We haven't been allowing her to watch it, but any time that it's on and she's in range, her head swivels like it's being drawn by a magnet. Then we have to pause the TV or turn her around. We have a video that we will post at some point.
Let's get to the pictures before I put this off any longer. I've started a couple of new photo albums, one for more recent photos (since she turned three months old) and one for pictures of Kate with her adoring fans. Here are the three albums: (no new additions since the last post) (the most recent pictures) (people holding Kate)

Here are a few shots from the 3 month album.

Kate loves her little bouncy chair (for about 20 minutes at a time). There are three little animals with rings to grab hanging from the overhead bar. In the span of a few days, she went from being completely bewildered by it to being able to reach up and grab any of the three.

We wanted to take pictures for a Christmas card, so we set up a little photo area and put Kate in this "Baby's First Christmas" outfit. Some of them came out okay, but I'm not sure if any are worthy of a Christmas card.

This picture makes me think of her as a belligerent baseball fan, yelling at an umpire. In reality, I think she was just yawning.

I love this picture. We had just come in from the cold, and Kate was laughing and smiling like crazy. Believe it or not, I actually missed her cutest smile, but this one is still really great.