Nov 18, 2009

Three Months

Yesterday was Kate's three month birthday, so I figured it was time for an update. We don't have any new and ridiculously large measurements, as we don't have another pediatrician's appointment until four months....that said, we think she's about 17 pounds and 25.5/26 inches.

I've uploaded some new pictures, but I think this is it for the first album. After this, I'm going to start a new album for the upcoming months, as I've already posted enough pictures from her first three months (251) to make it hard to manage.

Coincidentally, Kate has a sour look on her face (or at least a disinterested one) in many of the most recent pictures. This is a bit misleading, because she's been more alert, happy, and interested than ever. She's smiling quite a bit, and even laughing a little....she's just starting to add the vocalization part of an obviously laughing expression. She's also noticing everything around her, including Willow, toys, and TV.

I've been crazy busy with work, and D is back at school every other's made for very little sleep and some interesting schedules. Fortunately we've had help from both our moms, especially on days when we both need to work. And considering that one of those days will be starting in an hour and a half (did I mention very little sleep?), let me get right to the pictures.

Newspaper day was a couple of weeks ago....D has to go into school and help the students get the paper published. This time I stopped by with Kate, who is now the official Lancer Express mascot. When the paper was finally printed, D made sure to take plenty of pictures with her first issue.

Kate has a great disposition most (95%) of the time, and fortunately that has extended to bath time. As long as we don't get too much water in her eyes and the water is sufficiently warm, she doesn't mind it a whole lot. Plus, look how cute she is when she gets out!

You can see the additional alertness in her eyes. When propped up, she'll sit up and look around at everything in a room, taking it all in.

She's also been much better at tummy time. She still doesn't last that long - her head slowly sags until she is face-down on the floor - but it's a little longer every time and she doesn't seem to mind it as much. We've also been working on rolling over. She hasn't done it completely on her own, but she's getting more comfortable with the process.

Nov 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

This first photo isn't exactly Halloween related, though she does look like a scary cannibal.

Kate was a ladybug for Halloween, though she was a little hot when we first put it on. She wriggled and squirmed until we got outside where it was cooler.

We went to a neighbor's place for a soup-themed open house...I plan to go back today and ask for their jambalaya recipe. Then we set up shop in our driveway with a cute little ladybug and two big bowls of candy. We had a lot of trick-or-treaters, though not as many as you'd think from a neighborhood where there are 32 kids on our street alone.

Kate enjoyed being out and about, but eventually crashed in her stroller while we were talking to some of the neighbors. When we came back in, she was out like a light....and much easier to take pictures of. In this one, she's smiling about her very successful first Halloween.

Hope everyone had a nice night! There are a few more pictures, including Kate's impression of Dr. Evil, on the photo site.