Dec 10, 2011

Let the Holiday Season Begin

We have had an amazing holiday season filled with the love of our entire family, amazing food, and some much needed rest. Since we have been such bad bloggers, we are going to go all the way back to October and catch you up on all things holiday.

We had a great Halloween. Kate really got into this year. She picked out her own costume and rocked it at trick or treating. Mommy and daddy were very grateful for her excellent candy collecting. Daddy and I switched off taking her to visit our neighbors. By the time I got to her, she had already learned to ask everyone for two pieces of candy and say "next house" after we left a doorway.

Kate wanted to be an octopus for Halloween.
didn't really want to leave the hat on, but we did get a few pics.

Our little Tiger Lily. She didn't trick or treat but she looked awfully cute.

Thanksgiving followed quickly after Halloween. I enjoyed a week off of school in addition to our amazing feast. We didn't have a huge crowd, but we had enough to make it a wonderful weekend.

Kate and Lily preparing themselves for dinner.
Kate was much more interested this year.

On a sad note, our dog, Willow, got sick shortly after Thanksgiving. We decided that she had been through enough costly medical treatments in her life and we didn't want her to suffer through invasive and lifelong procedures. Needless to say, we miss her greatly. Though it is a little lonely around the house, especially when J is gone, we are on an animal hiatus for awhile. I want our girls to grow up with dogs, but the idea of potty training a dog and a toddler in addition to dealing with an infant is more than I can handle right now. So we will reassess in a year or so.

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