Dec 23, 2011

Ramping up to Christmas

We got a really late start to decorating this year. Two weekends away from home at the beginning of December- the first to Vegas and the second to Vancouver for J's holiday party- left us with very little time to get our Christmas decorations up.

By the time we finally got to the Christmas tree lot, the trees were a little sad, but Kate helped us pick out a great tree.

We all got in the holiday spirit and made the tree look beautiful. The corner of the room hid the brown spots and the big ornaments fit perfectly in a few of the bigger holes. Kate really loved helping us hang ornaments.

Couldn't resist a pic of the girls once the tree was decorated.
Lily didn't really get to hang any ornaments.....

... But she sure tried to grab them off the tree.
We also caught her trying to eat pine needles.

On my first day of vacation, J, my mom, Kate, Lily, and I spent the day at Legoland.

Kate had her first go at sledding at Legoland Snow Days. She didn't like the slippery ice and didn't last very long, but she seemed to enjoy the sledding.

Kate rode on the boats with Daddy...

... and the helicopters with Mommy.

Lily got to ride in her stroller, but she looked really cute as usual.

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